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We want to help spread awareness of the dangers of snoring. That is our goal with this giveaway. You can enter for the contest at the bottom of the page. All it takes is your email address! No catch! Its really that simple!

Snoring Is Dangerous
Did you know that snoring can actually kill you? Some people that snore may actually suffer from something called sleep apnea.

This is when you stop breathing intermittently while you sleep. Over time this can cause bad things. In specific issues with your heart.

These pauses of breathing cause your heart to work harder. Over time this stress can really wear out your heart leading to heart disease or much worse a heart attack.

For this reason we highly recommend that everyone who snores at night gets checked out by a doctor. The doctor will perform all of the appropriate tests.

They have the training and the education to determine if you are in any danger. Some people may snore and not be in any danger.

Others might be suffering from sleep apnea and not even know it. If your spouse suffers from this, tell them to go see the doctor immediately. Drag them there if you have to.

You might just be saving their life. On the other hand, there are plenty to devices out there that can help with the snoring. In some cases even make the snoring go completely away!

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