Stop Snoring Naturally With These Essential Oils

You have met the love of your life and you are finally ready to consummate your union. Maybe it is your wedding night and you have a romantic evening planned. Your partner is excited about sharing a candle-lit dinner with you and then an unforgettable night. You, however, are very anxious. You have beads of sweat running down your back all through dinner asking yourself “Will they accept me as I am? Is this a deal breaker?”

Snoring can be the cause of many strained relationships where one partner cannot sleep because the other has a snoring problem. Sometimes, it leads the non-snoring partner to move into another room so they can get some uninterrupted shut-eye. This doesn’t bode well with intimacy. Neither do those gadgets that claim to reduce or totally eradicate snoring. Using essential oils to treat snoring can just save your relationship!

Essential oils have countless medical benefits and are a wonderful, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals without all the negative effects. As a bonus, many of them smell great and can set the mood for a peaceful night.

What causes snoring?
When considering which essential oil to choose, it may be worthy to find out exactly what is causing your snoring problem. Here are a few causes:

• Allergies

• Inflammation brought about by infection

• Blocked or restricted respiratory airways

Best essential oils for snoring
1. Lavender oil – This has soothing properties, promoting a peaceful night’s sleep. It also has antispasmodic properties which help to clear airwaves.

2. Eucalyptus oil – This is a decongestant and expectorant which will clear your pathways allowing for clear breathing. Applied on your nose, it acts as an anti-inflammatory for your nostrils.

3. Thyme – Extreme fatigue can cause snoring by making your muscles lax. Thyme has a natural soothing effect on the mind, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

4. Peppermint oil – It is also used to treat breathing difficulties like asthma and coughs by its anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Sage oil – This has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. If your snoring is due to allergies that cause your airways to swell, sage oil can clear or reduce nasal blockage.

6. Marjoram oil – Useful for treating sleep apnea. It is known for boosting the health of the respiratory system which may ease or even eradicate your snoring completely.

How to use essential oils
1. Topical application. Massage the essential oils onto your chest, back and neck with your favorite base oil before bed.

2. Diffuse. You can buy a diffusing machine cheaply these days. Be careful with citric essential oils though

3. Gargle. Mix a couple drops of essential oils with water and gargle before bed.

4. Dab under your nostrils using a q-tip.

While there is no guarantee that essential oils will completely stop you from snoring, many people have reported success by using them. Also, your partner may value the effort you put into making their night more peaceful and if you are lucky, they will never know that you snore in your sleep!

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