Top home remedies to cure snoring

Snoring occurs when one sleeps with an open mouth causing to make noises as they sleep. These sounds can be annoying as they not only prevent others from sleeping but also pose a health risk to the snorer. One may even wake up with a sore throat as a result of a night of snoring. There are several natural remedies that one can try out to help reduce or ultimately stop snoring.

Changing the Sleeping Position
One of the most efficient home remedies for snoring is changing ones sleeping position. Most times when one sleeps facing up, the tongue relaxes and touches the back of the throat. Vibration occurs which results in the noises that cause the disturbance.
As much as sleeping when facing up is comfortable, a snorer should avoid this position. They may try sleeping on the side and observe the difference. More often than not, turning and sleeping on the side brings significant change. One can have a full-length pillow to help them maintain this position.

Weight Loss
Being overweight is a common cause of snoring. It would be for a snorer to shed some weight. Exercising and eat a healthy diet is helpful in losing weight. The logic is that the excess weight around the neck causes internal pressure on the throat resulting in blocked airways. Consequently, this makes the wall to collapse which triggers snoring.

Reduced Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol is also a trigger of snoring. When one takes alcohol, the resting tone of the muscles around the throat cuts. When these muscles do not relax, they may vibrate when one sleeps, and snoring occurs.

Reduced Workload
Another easy way of reducing snoring is not to overwork. When one works for long hours, they tend to wear out the body. When they fall asleep after overworking, it is easy for them to snore because the muscles are tired and need to relax. It is, therefore, important for one to get enough rest and the snoring will stop.

Unclogging Nasal Passages
Unclogging nasal passages may also help stop snoring. Blocked airways cause breathing since one is forced to sleep with their mouth open. Mouth breathing causes dust particles and other pollutants to flow to the throat. One way of unblocking the nasal passage is by taking a hot shower before going to bed. The hot steam will unclog anything that may be blocked air from flowing regularly through the passage.

Taking a fluid that has peppermint before sleeping also useful in clearing the airways. Peppermint is said to reduce any swelling that may be along the throat membrane. Sipping on olive oil is also another natural remedy for unblocking the airways. Olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and eases muscles along the nasal passage. Ghee is also said to have some properties that will work magic on the respiratory system which helps one snore less.

Staying hydrating is also another simple remedy to snoring. The nose produces secretions that get stickier when one does not take enough water. Snoring may then occur due to the vibration that occurs.

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